Investment Services

Take Control of your Finances



You deserve the assurance of knowing that you – and you alone – are in complete control of your path towards accumulating and maintaining wealth. With all the demands on our time and energy, many people feel that life is running them rather than the other way around. Streamlining your financial life plays a large role in creating a simpler life. This is the main advantage to consolidating assets with one advisor. Because we are an independent company, we aren’t tied to any product or supplier. This allows us to effectively “shop the market” to find the product best suited for you. We offer:

  • Mutual funds and segregated funds
  • Annuities and GICs
  • Planning for savings, retirement income and education
  • Insurance solutions
  • Retirement solutions
  • Tax and estate planning
  • Wealth management

We offer all of these services at no charge to you, as we are reimbursed by the companies who hold your investments.  This is a trouble-free, cost effective approach to managing your financial plan.