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Retire in Comfort



In today’s society, planning for your retirement cannot be left to chance. Whether you plan to retire in the next 10, 20 or 30 years or have already retired, we can help you to plan for the lifestyle you desire. Innovex Financial Services is here to guide you through the details of government programs, pensions, life expectancy and inflation rates. Based on an analysis of your situation and goals, your plan will help you balance your everyday needs with those of the future.

When you plan for retirement, you should look at:

  • Private pensions
  • CPP & OAS
  • Other income sources
  • RRSPs and RRIFs
  • TFSAs and non-registered savings
  • Home equity
  • Inheritance planning
  • Health issues

We believe that there are new, specific risks that impact retirement and retirement planning.  It is important to consider longevity risk, inflation risk and market risk so that you understand how they can impact your retirement.  Also, we like to “disinherit” the Canada Revenue Agency as much as we can!

With comprehensive analysis and experience, we can build you a solid retirement strategy – one that includes the right mix of investment and insurance solutions and is aligned to your goals, objectives and risk tolerance.  This will allow you to live your retirement with confidence and peace of mind.