Client Solutions






A lot of our time is spent working with clients in all stages of life who are experiencing transitions: they may be recently widowed or divorcing, dealing with employment issues or retirement, thinking of selling their home or business, or inheriting wealth. All of these events need proper planning in order to minimize taxes and preserve wealth. Your situation is unique, so you will need a personalized strategy that allows you to build the right habits and surround yourself with coaches and experts who can guide you.

What Life Stage are you in?

  • Mid-Career Families
  • Young Single & Families
  • Your Acceleration Years
  • Nearing Retirement
  • Retired
  • Business Owners & Professionals

At Innovex Financial Services, one of our goals is to encourage clients to learn about and participate in socially responsible investing.  We believe that if investors better understood some of the greater issues and implications of their investment decisions, they would want to ensure that they were investing in a socially responsible way.