Business Owners & Professionals

Business owners and entrepreneurs face unique financial challenges, as their personal and business situations are often closely linked:  their personal success depends heavily on the economic viability and success of the business.  We can help you to plan and coordinate your financial affairs.

It is important to find a financial advisor who understands small businesses and can include your business in your financial plan.  We can provide you with financial, tax, succession and estate planning holistic solutions, and show you how to preserve your hard-earned wealth, avoid unnecessary tax burdens, and distribute your wealth to yourself, your family, estate and charities.

If you own a small business, you’ll need to plan for the succession and continued success of the business.  It is important to formulate a succession plan and address each issue relating to that plan.  Succession planning requires a well thought out financial plan which is kept up to date throughout all stages of your business.  We can help you with this!